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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions These Terms and Conditions describe the rights and responsibilities you have when using MCPinger. It tells you about rules you must comply with and it states copyright notices.
Rights and responsibilities You have the right to manage your data as described in the Privacy Policy. You are responsible for managing your data.

Both the Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without your notice. It is your responsibility to read them. By using MCPinger you agree to the policies, terms and conditions.

Rules and guidelines You are NOT allowed to:
  • Impersonate MCPinger
  • Claim MCPinger to be yours
Copyright notices "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang AB "Discord" is a trademark of Discord Inc. "Google" is a trademark of Google LLC "Hypixel" is a trademark of Hypixel Studios Inc. "NetherGames" is a trademark of NetherGames Network

All trademarks referenced are the properties of their respective owners.

These terms and conditions are effective as of March 4, 2022

Changes may be made at any time without your notice.

Last updated: March 5, 2022